How to Learn German

It will take time to learn German, but some methods are easier, more effective, and less boring than others. The methods on this site are based on my own personal experience.

My name is Peter, I’m from Denmark, and I speak five languages, more or less fluently. I’m only 25 years old, not particular smart, and I do definitely have less self-discipline than most people. So how did I manage?

I think the main reason is that I made full use of the possibilities the internet offer me. German films, self made tests, social media, German music, and other interactive material.

The resources available for learning German or another language have never been better.

… but for some reason, these resources are not used to their full potential.

When one learn a new language in school, the teaching is way too old-fashioned. It’s simply not made for a world, where knowledge is so accessible, interactive material so widespread and traveling is so cheap.

To start with, have a look in the menu under Methods and Introductions to German to find a new approach to learn this exciting and wonderful language. Then move on to the other parts of my homepage to know how to learn different aspects of German and what materials you can use.

learning german


Photo: Sven Bader