German Articles

It’s not always the articles in textbooks are particularly interesting, but you obviously don’t need to bound yourself 100% to your textbook. The internet is filled with topics of whatever you are interested in.

The level of German may be a problem, though. If you are completely green, you will not get much out of reading texts, which are meant for native speakers. However, if you are getting a grip on German, then give it a try, and see how it goes.

I have collected some links, which will help you to find something interesting to read: – German Topsites
List of the 500 most popular websites in Germany.
The German version of Wikipedia is the second largest after the English version. You can look up more or less everything, and remember to scroll down to the section called weblinks, where you will find further reading on your topic. – German Newspapers
Here is a list of most German newspapers sorted by its political standpoint. The political newspaper landscape in Germany ranges from socialistic/communistic to the ultra-liberal via something that’s more conservative/nationalistic.
Overview of all newspapers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. – Onlinemagazin
A list of  200 something online magazines, which covers everything from gaming to archaeology.