German for Beginners

Let’s start out with what we don’t need. You don’t need stress, and in the beginning you don’t need to learn that scary German grammar. The first thing we need is to build up curiosity and interest for the language. If you don’t have the necessary curiosity and interest, then you should rather spend your time learning something else.

If you don’t have interest and curiosity and just want to pass your German exam then read German for the lazy ones

Interest in the German language

Personally, I find German culture utterly interesting, and I would you like to fell the same. Watch some German films, listen to German music, or jump on a train to Berlin. You should be able to tell yourself that you are willing to give what it takes.

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Getting Started For Real

Good intentions are not enough, obviously. You can’t just sit on the couch watching German films and one day you suddenly speak German. If you want it, you need to work for it. Here is everything a motivated learner need in the beginning:

A Textbook  

A quality textbook is essential. It will get you through the basic first steps, provide you an introduction to cultural aspects of German,  and it gives the whole learning process structure.

Link: German Textbooks

A German Tutor Online

You can actually get your own German teacher completely free. The only requirement is that you are also willing to teach your language. The phenomenon is called language exchange, and you can read more about it via the link below.

Link: Free German Tutor Online

A Dictionary 

Wouldn’t you like to know what these German bands sing about? Of course, you would, and you are going to need a dictionary at some point anyway.

Link: German Dictionaries

Time to Learn German

You need to know about 3,000 words to speak fairly fluent German. That’s approximately 10 words per day for a year. In addition, you also need to learn Grammar and pronunciation.

Moreover, continue to watch plenty of German films and listen to a good deal of German music.

To get the best out of your studies read my article called “How To Be More Productive“.

Different interactive material: – German
Jennifer’s site contains plenty of brilliant beginner exercises and do also read her general language tips.

This site is fantastic. There are courses for both beginners and more advanced speakers, and trough its online community you can exchange languages with other users. | German Quizzes
Links to more than 100 online quizzes and tests. | Language Learning Tips
Simon Ager speaks 10 languages, and he has written a lot of helpful learning tips on his website.

German Steps – German for beginners (BBC)
BBC have developed a very good beginner course.

Goethe Zertifikat A1
Beginner course from Die Goethe Institute – excellent stuff.

A superb web page with online lessons.
First of all read the list of methods and useful tips.

Learning German for Beginners
Beginner course mainly built up upon grammar.

Hauptstrasse 17
Fine little German course for beginners in 11 episodes.

Stumble Upon | German
Stumble Upon is a website, where a click on a button takes you to random interesting places on the web. I have inserted German as your interest, so click on the link above to get to a random page about something to do with German.