Free German Tutor Online

You will benefit a lot from this! As I said in a few of my other articles, the best source for learning German are “Germans”, so we need to find a German for you.

Thanks to some amazing websites it’s not difficult at all. Moreover, within the last decade or so Germans have become much more interested in learning a second or third language. For this reason, you can find plenty of native German speakers on various language exchange websites.

Language Exchange is about finding someone who is looking for help to learn one your languages and in return offer you help with learning German.  Thus is completely free.

A language exchange is useful for many things. You can read up loud for each other, recommend each other music and films, try to keep a conversation going without speaking English, ask about the meaning of words and grammar…

The list goes on. Also try to make these sessions match what you are currently studying in your textbook.

Moreover, there is just something you can only learn from a native speaker. Such as how to show politeness, humour, and how to start a conversation.

And then it’s about a potential friendship, a very rewarding outcome.
It looks a little outdated, but it is still a popular choice among people interested in language exchanges.
It has a slightly more updated design, but works  more or less the same way. You mark your native language, which language your are interested, and then you get a list of matches.
And it is the same concept, which is behind Shared Talk.
This is a creative addition to the other sites. Couch Surfing is a community of travellers who offer each other shelter. In return, you can for instance ask for a couple of German lessons.

With this program and a headset, you can speak completely free with everyone all over the globe. It’s the most popular of its kind, so your new language partner will most likely prefer Skype above other program.

Do also make sure you connect with your language partners via social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. They are probably sharing something interesting and fun in German once in awhile.