German Music

The best way to get a good pronunciation is to sing along with German music. As the tone of voice and speed changes quite quick, your pronunciation skills will be seriously challenged.

You will also discover that as soon you get more and more comfortable with the pronunciation other aspects of the language gets easier as well.

kraftwerk-boingKraftwerk, one of my favourite German bands.

Having some German favourite artists will also stimulate your interest in the language, and make you more curious about what these lyrics mean. In school, I noticed that those who were into Rammstein and Tokio Hotel (two popular bands from my time in school) spoke the language so much better than the rest.

How To Find The Lyrics

Even lyrics in your native can at times be difficult to understand. Just check this link

Therefore, you will sometimes need the lyrics to understand the song. They are quite easy to find. Simply search for the song tittle followed by lyrics or songtexte on Google, or use one of these websites:
My favourite lyrics site.
Biggest German lyrics database

My Personal Top 10

I don’t expect to share my taste in music, but never the less here is a top 10 of my favourite German songs. If you don’t seem to like it scroll down and you’ll find five tips on how to discover German music that will fit your musical taste buds.

1. Kraftwerk – Das Model
Genre: Synth Pop

2. Stereo Total – Liebe Zu Dritt
Genre: Indie Pop


3. Falco – Rock Me Amadeus
Genre: Pop

4. Wir Sind Helden – Gutentag
Genre: Indie Pop

5. Nena – 99 Luftballons
Genre: Pop

6. Die Toten Hose – Zehn Kleine Jägermeister 
Genre: Pop Rock

Red Warszawa

7. Red Warszawa – Aldi
Genre: Punk Rock

8. Fehlfarben – Gott Sei Dank Nicht In England
Genre: Punk Rock

9. Nico – Mütterlein
Genre: Folk Rock

10. Stefan Raab – Wadde Hadde Dudde Da
Genre: Pop

How To Discover German Music

German music doesn’t hit the charts often, so how do you find some stuff that rocks your socks off?

Here are five ways:

1) Playlists on Spotify

Donwload Spotify. In the top left corner search for “Deutsche”, “German punk”, “Deutsche rap”, or something else that reveals your preferences.


There are many ways to discover music via You can for instance check the German chart, you can check what’s hot in the different German User Groups, or download the Scrobbler  and see which users from Germany whose played tracks matches your taste the most.

3) List and Charts on Rateyourmusic is probably the geekiest music community on the web and is perfect for finding obscure hits. Search for German in lists or your favourite genres under charts.

4) Ask someone from Germany

Read my article on how to find a German tutor, and ask what he or she is listening to or which German band that person would recommend you giving a chance.

5) Top 40 in Germany

You can also just look up the current most popular songs in Germany. Here are the most 40 most sold singles.

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