German TV

You can’t learn a language entirely by watching TV, of course, but it will speed up the process, and it’s especially great to improve your listening skills.

Moreover, it’s relaxing, and you can watch TV while you do other things. You can also use German TV as little warm up before you work on something less entertaining, for instance your grammar.

Stream German TV Channels 

Zapping German TVZapping German TV… Photo: Daniel Murillo

Here are the 11 most popular TV channels in Germany. If you would like to look up what’s on TV you can use or Arte’s program guide.

  • Das Erste – Germany’s most popular TV channel
  • RTL – Germany’s largest private free-to-air broadcaster
  • RTL2 – Commercial, privately owned, general-interest
  • Super RTL – Aimed mostly at children
  • ZDF – Third most popular TV Channel
  • SAT.1 – First privately owned TV station
  • ProSieben -Lot’s of entertainment shows
  • VOX – Mainly broadcasts documentaries and U.S. series and movie
  • Kabel Eins – Largely known for showing classic American films as well as series and documentaries
  • Arte – French/German channel focusing on culture and the arts
  • Tele 5 – Classic American films and series and Japanese Anime

Watch Your Favourite TV Series With German Dub

Germans have this awful habit that they dub most foreign speaking TV series. That’s their problem, not ours, and to our luck many of them are available online.

It’s quite easy and straight forward if you follow this step-by-step introduction.

  1. Search for the title of the TV series in your own language followed by the word Wiki.
  2. Click on the Wikipedia result
  3. In the language bar to the left, click Deutsch.
  4. Now you will get the German title of the series. Search for that on

Watch TV Series in German


German TV Series 

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Michael Mittermeyer Clips
Link for my favourite German comedian, Michael Mittermeyer. Comedians are with their facial expressions and changes in tone of voice excellent sources for learning German.