How To Be More Productive

Mugging up on your German grammar after a hard day at school or work is naturally not number one on your mental to do list. We do still need to feel motivated for learning German after on of these days though.

Tired GermanTired after work and not no energy left for learning German. Photo: Jana Schirmer

So how do we do this? My experience is that the more you get out of the time spend on learning German, the more motivated you will be. The greatest pleasure of learning is that you actually feel you are learning something. If you don’t feel that way, then your motivation will drop like a shot. 

I used to feel that I got nowhere with my studies and work. Facebook, watching TV, texting my friends just suddenly got so incredibly interesting, while sitting there with my German grammar book. It completely ruined my concentration, and I ended up spending hours learning absolutely nothing.

With four simple methods, I have overcame this, and with them I’m able to work several hours in a row.

1) Make sure to sit in a comfortable chair by a desk. A good working position secures that oxygen are transported to the brain and prevents aching joints.

2) Do always have fresh water by your side. The brain is almost 80% water. Therefore, it is on of the first organs that reacts if you have not been drinking enough liquid.

3) Make sure to have plenty of mental breaks. Most peoples ability to concentrate decrease significantly after around 30-40 minutes. To make sure I have the right amount of breaks I use a program called Focus Booster, which you can download here. I have set Focus Booster to give a ring after every 30 minutes of work followed by another ring after 10 minutes, so I know when to start working again.

4) A computer connected to the internet is an amazing tool, but it’s also filled with procrastinations. I often use a program called Cold Turkey to block games and websites for a certain amount of hours, so I don’t get distracted by messages on Facebook and get tempted to play computer games.  You can download Cold Turkey here.

5-minutes-to-goPlaying one my favourite games in my break, while Focus Booster is counting down.