Learning German the Lazy Way

This website is also for those, who, without much effort, would like to pass their exam with an average mark. Because of  laziness you might already be close to fail. Don’t be discouraged. Some of the most efficient ways to learn German are also those that require the least degree of energy and concentration.

lazy german squirrelYou may like sleeping more than  doing your homework… Photo: Shawn Meadows

First of all, I would advise you to watch a lot of German films. When I started to watch German films I suddenly started to remember things I didn’t pay much attention to in school. Pronunciation also got much easier and speaking German is so much easier, when pronunciation starts to get comfortable.

Do also read the article I have written about German music. Find a few songs that you like, and hear them over and over again. Save the songs, you have found on your MP3 player, and sing along when you are by yourself. When you are lazy and don’t feel like doing anything it’s very much about getting your day filled with a little German stuff here and there.

Unfortunately, you probably also need to do at least some of your homework. If can’t focus on doing your homework because it’s too difficult, boring, or you feel too stressed try some of my tips in the article called “How To Be More Productive“.

german musicMusic and films… The way to improve your German without spending much energy. Photo: Kristin M

And don’t forget that Germany and beer are two inseparable terms. In 1844 when the Bavarian king declared a new tax on beer and it almost ended in a revolution. The police were severely beaten, and the king had no choice but sending in the army to reclaim the streets, unfortunately for the king, the army refused to help him, and the king had to lower the price on beer before order was restored. Germans are literately speaking willing to fight for their beer.